Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There are some things in life that I just cannot comprehend. I see the horrible situations of these girls and just don’t get it. How is it that these girls have to deal with this stuff at such a young age. Today was one was one of those days.

In order to give you a good background, I need to first inform you of the drama leading up to this event. Just to protect her name, we are going to call her Denise. Denise has been captain of the Barrio Blanco team. Denise is 14. About two weeks ago, we had a big tournament. During the time we was on the bench, she had a horrible attitude; didn’t support the team, just pouted because she was on the bench. Anyways, the team wrote me a note of how they felt Denise did not have a good attitude and should be removed from her position as captain. They also told Denise about the letter. I don’t care who you are, that hurts a lot. So despite my phone calls, Denise hasn’t returned to practice. Also, I haven’t seen her during that entire time, until today.

I was driving up into her barrio today and got lucky (or God totally planned it that way) and saw her on her way to a colmado. I stopped her as asked her if she had time to talk. She said no. I said, oh well, I don’t care sit down anyway. ☺ I’m really nice like that. As the conversation went on, I discovered that day after the tournament a group of girls invited Denise to hang out with them. Well, this group of girls happened to be a gang. Within the next few days, Denise found herself with a group of girls that steal, smoke marijuana, get in fights, have sex, drink, and have sling shots that they put bullets in along with the rock. Good influence, right? When asked why she stays in it, she responded at least these girls tell me things to my face and not behind my back. We talked for a while and eventually she said she is going to try to get out on Saturday. She said that they may try to hurt her if she leaves, so please pray that she will be protected and the other girls will let her go. Also, pray that I will be able to convince the team to apologize to Denise. Teenage girls can just be plain mean and they are just awful at asking for forgiveness. They often let these events remain like this and stay enemies forever. Ugh, breaks my heart. For real. 14 years old.

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Robin Owens said...

Oh sadness! I am praying for this young gal, the situation and the other girls on the team. It is cool to see God working through you in it. It is amazing how hard it is to get through the tough exterior sometimes to see the hurt and the pain. I am so glad that God gave you the insight and the courage to step into it.