Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!! Here are some highlights of the past month!

VC Revolution:
We are forming an elite team of girls from all my teams called VC Revolution (Volleyball Club Revolution). These girls are going to have the chance to travel around and compete. The mission of the team is that through our play, actions, words and attitude, we show Christ to all teams that we play. We received a donation to buy the team uniforms so they are stoked about that! Also, generous donations flew in to buy all the girls shoes too! The girls are so excited to be a part of this team. We have a varsity team as well as JV. Our goal is that every six months we have another tryout where other girls from my teams (as well as other communities) can try out for the team. This team has always been in my vision for the site and now its actually happening!

City Tournaments:
I continue to coach teams from three different communities in addition to VC Revolution. We hosted another tournament last week that was another huge success! We invited other teams from the community as well. The girls had a chance to compete with fun Christian music and we also brought a speaker to talk them during lunch.

Two Girls who Received Best Attitude (Keysi) and Best Defensive Player (Mabelis)

All the teams together!

Spiritual Growth:
I host a bible study in my home for the VC team as well as a community called Barrio Blanco. My girls continue to amaze me at the depth of their questions. Just last week, I shared the gospel message to my girls and many of them raised their hands to accept Christ. In this culture, God is talked about almost flippantly so I really prayed that this would actually be a life changing thing for my girls. That night, one of my most closed off, hard hearted, rebel girls called me (which she never calls me), and she asked, "Jess, you know how you said we could change? I... I.... I think I can change. Do you think I can change?" My heart leaped and ever since then I've been trying to seek her out more and just spend time with her asking her questions. She's still closed off but I can tell things are really starting to turn. I am excited to see how God will continue to work through the bible study and my time with the rest of the girls.

Bible Study Christmas Party

Urgent Christmas Request!

Okay, so I’m gonna try this out and see if anyone is willing to HUGELY bless one of my girls in the next 48 hours. No tax deduction. Just pure Christmas generosity. Here’s the deal in 10 sentences or less. Out of the three teams I coach, we are forming an elite team that is going to be traveling to other cities. The team is called VC Revolution. Last month, someone donated money for this team to buy uniforms. However, these girls really need shoes. I mean really, one of the girls played in ballet flats last weekend. Most of them have NEVER had a real pair of tennis shoes. So, my goal for this Christmas is to buy all the girls good matching shoes that will last them. We have 12 girls to pay for. Are you in? Here are the girls names and sizes.

Rafe Sanchez- Size 6
Cindy Aquino- Size 7
Dianny Moronta- Size 7.5
Shakira Calderon- Size 8
Mabelis Avecedo- Size 8
Maryln Aracena- Size 8
Ester Hernandez- Size 8
Keysi Marte- Size 8
Ana Hernandez Size 8
Estephanie Victoriano Size 8.5
Sarah Dougan Size 10.5
Lili Candelario- Size 5 (we may have to get size 6, I haven’t been able to find size 5 in this style)

Shoe: Red Asics Gel 1120V- $39.99 (per pair)
*** If you buy two you get 15 dollars off! What a deal! ☺


Send to: Jessica Gates
7328 Ramsdell
Rockford MI 49341

(I am coming home for Christmas and will be able to bring them back in January)

Just reply to this email and tell me which girl (or girls) you can pay for. I’ll keep updating this email to see if we can really get all the girls shoes. I really believe we can do it! From all the girls… THANK YOU!!!!