Friday, October 2, 2009

Language School

So life has taken a little different twist the past few weeks. I have actually joined up with the Bethel Semester abroad program and been apart of the language school. Even though I feel like I can basically understand everything, I still have a lot to learn especially in the area of grammar. Even though I am not able to attend the site, it still continues. Viance, who has helped me throughout the summer, decided that she wanted to continue the site even when I was gone. I am seriously so proud of her. Even though she has school from 8-3 everyday, she continues to go to the site after school. I have visited a couple of times and so excited to see the same rules being enforced. Even though Viance is only 18, the girls continue to do sprints, push-ups or whatever Viance decides as their punishment. More to come later. ☺