Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy God Story!

So this week has been interesting. Over that past few weeks I have been kinda stressing out about the whole fundraising thing. I just feel clueless and I am not sure what direction to go with it. Anyways... so yesterday, I see this old, about 4'8guy sitting by himself in the dining commons. I went over to talk to him and came to find out that he was a missionary in Nigeria for 30 years. He had the most crazy, funny, random stories. Throughout the three hours that I stayed to talk to him, it was cool to see him interact with the people who filtered in and out sitting with us. He prayed for almost every single person, it was great. I also just asked him how he did the fundraising thing and such... anyway about 1 hour or so into the convo, he whips out a 100 bill and gives it to me for missions. Then, as I am sharing this story about lunch a couple of hours later, Jim Ralstin felt like God was calling him to give me $200 that afternoon... THEN... today someone anonymously put $500 in my mail box with an encouraging note... So yeah GOD IS AMAZING!!!! I was just reminded that God is completely in control.