Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Update!

“Jess, I wish I someone who could explain the Bible to me. Sometimes, I read it and it just doesn’t make sense to me. When I read it at home, people say that I am going crazy.” Just last week, one of my girls, Darlynis, said this to me and it sprung the idea of starting a Bible study with her community. Because it Darlynis’ idea, she was able to get all the girls super excited about starting a Bible study where my girls can really learn how to read and understand the Bible. So EXCITING!

So here in the Dominican Republic, I continue to work with teenage girls with my principal target being girls who play volleyball. We have developed teams in four communities. In addition, we have organized big city-wide tournaments filled with loud fans, blaring Christian music, strong sportsmanship rules enforced (by yours truly), as well as a message being preached in the middle to all who are watching and participating in the tournament. In addition, I am leading a bible study for any girls interested as well as an English class for about 20 of my girls. Below is a picture of the champion team of the summer tournament.

After one of the game days, we had a pizza party at my house and here are some pics of them at my house.

As I reflect on how God has orchestrated and led the girls sports site, I stand amazed. We started in two elementary schools and now, almost a year and a half later, we have expanded to forming solid teams with girls from all over the city. I am incredibly grateful for Blythefield’s faithful support and prayer. You are all huge participants in the great things that are happening here. Thank you.

Prayer Requests
• Support- I am receiving about 80% of the support needed per month and particular need of monthly supporters.
• Girls Bible Study- Girls will gain a genuine passion to study God’s word and as a result, become leaders for their communities


Robin Owens said...

Jess, I am praying for you and your girls. I love the updates and the pictures! Thanks for taking the time to do that!
Love ya

Rachel said...

This is so great! I will be praying for you and the girls. I was thinking of asking my soccer team to donate t-shirts, tennis shoes and other athletic clothes to your girls. Is this something they still need?
Rachel Zahniser

Jessica Gates said...

Thanks Robin! And rachel, absolutely. Actually the biggest things would be gym shorts being the number one need (and remember my girls are tiny, so anything over size M would be too big), and also t-shirts. Really... anything would be SWEET!

Rachel said...

Sounds good Jess! I will let my team know!